Advanced Pastry Summit

Master the latest innovations in pastry from cutting edge professionals during this summit designed for those working in pastry leadership roles. Grow your skills during this advanced level educational experience focused on baking and pastry trends, advanced pastry and chocolate innovations, modern desserts and plating techniques.
Price: $199 ACF Members - $250 Nonmembers

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Specialty certificate:

  • Specialized Certificate: Advanced Pastry Trends and Techniques upon successful completion of the written examination.
  • 8 CEHs upon attendance of the summit.

Prior experience and requirements: the content is advanced and assumes attendees have a high level of pastry experience and knowledge.

Limited attendance: due to COVID spacing and venue capacity, attendance is limited.

Hosted At

Dallas College
Dallas College Culinary Pastry and Hospitality Center, 11830 Webb Chapel Rd #1200, Dallas, TX 74234



8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Take your knowledge and skills to the next level in the following topics:

Advanced Concepts in Bread Baking: Pre-Ferments

Speaker: Chef Lisa Kirschner – Bio

Lisa Kirschner

From Levain to Biga and Poolish…what pre-ferments will be most effective for your breads? Join CIA Baking Instructor Chef Lisa Kirschner as she presents a demo with discussion on the varieties of different pre-ferments utilized in the bread industry. Discover how pre-ferments can benefit your baking program by providing increased gluten structure, adding flavor, and improving keeping times/quality and how they can reduce your production times. From utilization of commercial yeast to naturally occurring wild yeasts, learn what pastry chefs need to know, how to determine if pre-ferment has matured sufficiently and how to incorporate these techniques to assist with your own baking and bread production needs.

Pastry Trends and Techniques: Natural Food Colors

Speaker: Chef Lasheeda Perry - Bio

Lasheeda Perry

Join the “Queen of Flavor,” Pastry Chef Lasheeda Perry, for a deep dive into the trend of natural food colors. Known for being resourceful, pastry chefs are now turning to the produce and spice aisles to make vibrant, concentrated hues including pinks, purples, yellows, greens and more, by using ingredients like turmeric, freeze dried berries, herbs and even purple cabbage and beets. Delicious, natural, and free from additives, Chef Perry will share her techniques for bringing eye appealing colors to your plates, batters, icings and cakes, by utilizing nature’s bounty to create your own custom food dyes.


Prepared and presented by Chef Keith Sarasin - Bio

Keith Sarasin

Chef/author Keith Sarasin, founder of The Famers Dinner and Aatma, will prepare a delicious “Indian Tiffin” lunch featuring the dishes Tadka dal, Achari pulled pork, Coconut rice and Gajar halwa truffle. Chef Keith has a deep passion and respect for Indian food which lead him to start Aatma, an exciting one-of-a-kind pop-up tasting experience showcasing food from the Indian subcontinent presented with modern techniques and styles.

Demystifying Sugar Techniques for Pastry Professionals

Speaker: Susan Notter, CEPC – Bio

Susan Notter

Join pastry chef, competitor and educator Susan Notter, CEPC, as she demonstrates demonstrates the art of cast, pulled and blown sugar. During her presentation Chef Notter will create a dimensional showpiece to showcase various techniques. Discover how to balance color, shine and gain height when making eye catching sugar pieces. Add to your repertoire by gaining new skills that can be used in competitions, or to enhance your dessert presentations, and learn how to create new amenities and decor that are guaranteed to “wow” your guests.

Modernist Cuisine: Pastry, Design & Art

Chef Francisco Migoya - Bio

Francisco Migoya

Inspiration is all around us, though sometimes it can seem hard to find. Join Modernist Cuisine’s head chef and award-winning pastry chef Francisco Migoya on an exploration of finding inspiration and how to use ingenuity to break the mold. From concrete tiles to the leaves that fall off trees, Chef Migoya will show you how to transform everyday items into works of art, and how to turn sculptures into edible masterpieces. During this session you will sure to be inspired by Chef Migoya, whose published pastry books include Frozen Desserts, The Modern Café, The Elements of Dessert, and co-author of Modernist Bread and Modernist Pizza.

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